Delivery and Installation of a 62 meter Circular Scraper Bridge

The order includes the complete delivery and assembly of six circular scrapers including controls for the new secondary clarifiers.

The client operates a two-stage biological plant followed from a filtration stage. The first stage should be completely retrofitted. Therefore, aeration tanks and intermediate sedimentation tanks (diameter 62 meters and depth 4 meters) as well as pumping stations, operating buildings and installation channels had to be newly erected.

On 30 January 2018, the first of a total of six new scraper bridges was loaded at the headquarters in Aarbergen and delivered to its destination by two heavy-duty transporters, each 36 metres long. The heavy transport with police escort took place on two consecutive nights.

Arriving at the wastewater treatment plant, the two bridge units were placed on top of the basin on the same day with a mobile truck-mounted crane.

If you click here, you can see how the transport leaves the factory site.