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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Water Processing Solutions

Passavant, Geiger, Noggerath

Our segment Water Processing Solutions with our brands Passavant®, Geiger® and Noggerath® offers applications for water intakes as well as for water and wastewater treatment processes in municipal and industrial plants.

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Passavant, Geiger and Noggerath

Water Intake

In the field of water intake our division supplies and design-builds made-to-measure automated screening machines for the filtration of debris at sea water/river water intakes for thermal power plants (nuclear-, gas- and coal-fired power plants), desalination plants and industrial and potable water systems.

Our product range includes bar screening and trash raking machines, mesh/travelling band screens (mainly made in Germany) as well as our Johnson Offshore Intake Systems™ (JOIS™).

Water Treatment

Our broad portfolio of innovative solutions enables us to support the entire clarification and further processing procedure (Inlet works / headworks, Biological treatment, Fine and micro-sieving / screening, Pump technologies as well as After-market and field services).

We are constantly creating innovative solutions in these areas through new and further technological developments. More than ever, responsible use of the precious element of water is the key to progress in our world.