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Conferring of the award "Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Companies"

Last Saturday evening, the time had finally come - around 400 companies came together in Würzburg. A total of 40 from ...

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Nominated for the "Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Companies

We have been nominated for the "Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Companies" and are eagerly awaiting the jury's final decision ...

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B-PLAS joins Aqseptence Group

B-PLAS was born by an academic project starting at the Environmental Science Faculty in Ravenna, Italy (subsidiary of Bologna University).

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Roediger awarded by EcoVadis for sustainability at our location in Tostedt

Creating transparency concerning sustainability towards our stakeholders has always been essential to us. Thus, we decided to participate in an…

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There is a better alternative: Grinder pump Do’s and Don’ts.

Community’s and neighborhoods that have grinder pump stations as their sewerage solution usually have a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that accompany them.…

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Unfamiliar with Vacuum Sewer Systems?

Although there are more than 400 Airvac vacuum systems in the Americas, and nearly 1,000 systems installed worldwide in forty-one different countries,…

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Is sewage waste a health and safety concern for your team?

Let’s face it, raw sewage has always been a health and safety concern. Now, with COVID-19 as part of our daily lives, health and safety concerns are…

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Schedule a complimentary system evaluation of your Airvac vacuum sewer system.

We have factory-trained technicians that can provide a one-day, in-depth analysis of your system. They will evaluate the performance of your vacuum…

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Official inauguration of the new partial roofing, Aarbergen

Aqseptence Group will continue building on mechanical engineering and manufacturing in Germany also in the future. For the production of our heavy…

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Check out our new Roediger SMART video

The SMART system monitors and controls your entire vacuum sewer system, everything readily available on your smart phone.

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