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There is a better alternative: Grinder pump Do’s and Don’ts.

Community’s and neighborhoods that have grinder pump stations as their sewerage solution usually have a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” that accompany them. If customers do not pay close attention to these “Do’s and Don’ts”, it can be expensive for the municipality. However, since grinder pump stations are typically located on private property, those costs will more than likely fall on the homeowner. The most common “Do’s and Don’ts” warn of potential issues due to blockages, clots, freezing wastewater and power outages.

In a situation where two households are required to share a grinder pump station, you will be at the mercy of your neighbor, and vice versa, to follow all recommended “Do’s and Don’ts”. Double the users, double the issues. Whose fault is it? Who pays for necessary repairs? Who is responsible for cleanup in case of overflow? This has the potential of becoming a very troubling scenario.

Certainly, there must be an alternative where both municipality and homeowner can benefit.

Airvac Vacuum Sewer Systems are clean, efficient, easy to maintain, easy to install and typically less expensive than other collection systems. It is a proven technology with a long history of success and reliability.

Our completely closed vacuum system prohibits the infiltration and inflow of groundwater, protecting waterways from exfiltrating wastewater. It is one of the most environmentally sound solutions available. Blockages are almost nonexistent and during power outages, there is no downtime, or loss of service to customers.

Airvac is the world leader in vacuum sewer technology.

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