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Unfamiliar with Vacuum Sewer Systems?

Although there are more than 400 Airvac vacuum systems in the Americas, and nearly 1,000 systems installed worldwide in forty-one different countries, there are still many city planners, engineers, and operators unfamiliar with vacuum sewer systems.

No worries, you can now download this informative resource from Airvac: Vacuum 101 – A free introductory guide to vacuum sewer systems.

Learn how vacuum sewers work and become familiar with the components that make up a vacuum sewer system.

Vacuum Sewers have many benefits including:

•        Significant cost savings

•        Smaller pipes

•        Less excavation

•        Reduced surface restoration

•        Operator friendly

•        No operator exposure to raw sewage

•        Only one source of power

•        Uninterrupted service during power outages

•        Completely sealed system

•       Environmentally sound