Aqseptence Group Australia to present Johnson Screens® solution to artificial gravel packing at the DRILL 2019 Conference and Exhibition.

Aqseptence Group Australia’s Greg Carney and business unit manager for Waterwell / Coal Seam Gas Energy, Moyez Poonawala, will highlight to DRILL 2019 conference delegates a screen solution to artificial gravel packing.

The Johnson Screens Muni-Pak screen, proudly Australian Made, is a pre-packed screen said to eliminate the need for a larger borehole and, therefore, shorten the time required to drill a well.
The screen has a thin pre-packed filter pack so the borehole face and near well formation are closer to development tools for more efficient transfer of energy.

A dual screen assembly ensures proper placement of the filter pack and ceramic-glass filter beads result in increased hydraulic properties and lower head loses from a spherical filter shape. The screen is faster to clean by backflushing or jetting. The product eliminates on-site gravel placement, bridging filter packs and time spent packing, and is resistant to biological blockage thanks to ceramic-glass filter beads.

The screen has a stronger construction compared to standard rod based screens, according to Aqseptence. The product comes in a variety of diameters, lengths and fittings.

For more information on the Johnson Screens® Muni-Pak, contact Moyez on +61 448 500 155 or

DRILL 2019 Conference and Exhibition
Date: 17 – 19 September 2019
Place: Darwin Convention Centre
City: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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