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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Statement on the Corona-Crisis (COVID-19)

How Aqseptence Group deals with the situation around the corona virus.

Dear Business Partner,

Due to the current development regarding the coronavirus, we developed and implemented extensive preventive protective measures at all our sites worldwide at an early stage.

These measures include, among other things, recommendations on hygiene, as well as ensuring the recommended distance regulations in the professional and social environment, regulations for visits and meetings with customers and suppliers, as well as the observance of and compliance with all official orders and recommendations.

Another major aim of these measures, if the situation concerning the virus continues to worsen, is to reduce risks at all costs!

Furthermore, it is of great importance to us to be able to fully cover your needs at all times. In the event of a plant failure or a service case, please get in touch with your known contact person or send us an e-mail to

We wish you all the best in this challenging time!

Yours sincerely,

Baldassare La Gaetana