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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Official inauguration of the new partial roofing, Aarbergen

Official inauguration of the new partial roofing at the production site Aarbergen, by Lars Späth (Head of Division)

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Why is the production site at Aarbergen (Germany, state of Hesse) being enlarged ?

Aqseptence Group will continue building on mechanical engineering and manufacturing in Germany also in the future. For the production of our heavy duty raking machines as well as fine sieving/filtration machinery, we do require enough and adequately protected space.

In addition, the long-term safeguarding of qualified industrial jobs in Germany as well as the continuity for our sites in Germany plays a vital role when we produce high-quality solutions for wastewater treatment plants, for industrial applications and for seawater intakes !

We also notice that some competitors are trying to imitate our products. This means a recognition for us and a motivation at the same time. We strive to focus continuously on innovation, quality (which also means a proper hydraulic design of our machines, zero-carry-over etc.) and life-cycle-services for our national and international customers.

We are convinced that with the new organization of our Division Water Processing Solutions which includes our internationally renown core brands Passavant, Geiger and Noggerath, we will be able to grow again sustainably and to provide our customers with the proven quality of our products.

We are very pleased that the new manufacturing and storage hall could be inaugurated punctually in the beginning of the year 2021!

What is your personal conclusion as of today …and what about the outlook?

The recent years have shown that we are a strong division that is able to stand up again more powerfully even after setbacks!

We are making good progress with our Fit-4-21 restructuring program. Many critical issues have been successfully transformed. Naturally this process has included hundreds of points of detailed management work – real operational change management.

It is precisely this flexibility and down-to-earth mentality that characterizes our team – coupled with a high level of commitment from each individual!

We are motivated to stand as a front-runner withing our industry.

Our customized machine solutions of the brands Passavant, Geiger, Noggerath and also the Johnson passive screens are known for their easy maintenance, lower operating costs, better hydraulic throughput and a solid long life.

We help to protect water bodies, to save carbon-footprint on wastewater treatment plants and to protect nature (for example with our fish-friendly Geiger MultiDisc® TBS).

Be excited about our product innovations, sales initiatives, web seminars and much more, what we can contribute to assist your projects becoming real successes 2021 and beyond!