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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Hygienic, tight Vacuum Systems for medical facilities

Especially in these extraordinary times, when hygiene and tight systems play an enormous role, we want to take responsibility as experts for vacuum systems for the collection of wastewater and further adapt the technology to the requirements.

For medical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories, the key facts of our technology are particularly advantageous: closed and tight pipe network, i.e. contaminated wastewater, loaded with bacteria and viruses cannot escape. Therefore, any healthy risk for patients and staff by the transmission of pathogens is significantly minimized in the respective institutions. Our systems comply with the high specific standards on safety and reliability, compared to conventional technologies.

We look back on many years of experience having installed several hundreds of reference systems worldwide. Whenever buildings are newly built or rebuilt, we are happy to provide support to architects and planners. We look forward to an opportunity to equip your sewage system future-proof.