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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Florian Will
1984 Born in Fulda, Germany
2004 - 2010 Master Studies of Business Administration at Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany
2010 - 2011 Consultant, Economic and Structural Reform Program, Organization for International Collaboration (GiZ), Beijing, China
2011 - 2013 Consultant Transaction Services, PwC, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 - 2015 Executive Assistant to the CEO, Bilfinger Water Technologies GmbH, Aarbergen, Germany
2015 - 2018 Financial Manager of brand Airvac, Aqseptence Group, Inc., Rochester, IN, USA
2018 - 2020 Financial Director of brand Roediger and Segment CFO for Vacuum Technology Systems, Aqseptence Group GmbH, Hanau, Germany
Since 06/2020 Member of the Executive Management (CFO) of Aqseptence Group GmbH (international parent company of the company group)