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About Us "Who we are"

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“We are proud to be leading a company that has a clear vision, knows its mission and builds responsibility – together!

Statement Board of Directors, Aqseptence Group

As a multinational and multi-niche company, we strive for an even stronger future – a future that goes beyond what we do on a daily basis. We recognize that with everything we do, we are making a difference in today’s world, thereby creating a better future for many people and our planet!

Our company is headquartered in Germany’s Aarbergen, close to Frankfurt am Main and employs around 1,500 people. We offer a comprehensive range of services to you for the entire value chain – from engineering all the way to startup and maintenance. We are a global supplier of specialized products, equipment and system solutions for filtration and separation, as well as water technology for various applications. We proudly unite some of the most renowned brands in the industry, having served industrial and municipal customers for more than 100 years.

Our Vision

We see a world where industries protect lives and precious natural resources by using our specialized solutions in filtration, separation and water technology. We see a company that thrives on innovation. A multi-niche specialist with market-leading brands and passionate people that share a culture of trust and excellence.

Our Mission

We build innovative solutions for our customers and thereby contribute to the protection of lives and the sustainable usage of our world’s most precious natural resources. We empower our brands for growth and success. We support our employees to always believe in themselves and thus release their full potential.

Our Core Values

We protect the planet and its people with our specialized solutions and our constant innovations in the fields of filtration, separation, and water technology. We protect our employees and empower them to always believe in themselves. As an experienced global player, we protect our brands and their reputation in the market.

Known for our service-oriented approach, we support our customers in industries and municipalities. We take great pride in providing long-term support to our customers to ensure that our solutions work perfectly to achieve their full potential. In think-tanks, and with political stakeholders, we enjoy sharing our know-how to support them in shaping a sustainable future. As a global organization, we support our brands and segments with a financial and organizational backbone, making it possible for them to focus on innovation and development.

We enable the protection of people and nature through the use of our technologies and thus contribute to the preservation of our most precious natural resource water. We achieve this by working closely with our customers to find best solutions for their challenges in filtration, separation, and water technology. We unite some of the most renowned brands of the industry and are proud enable their growth – and thus the growth of our entire group. Enabling innovation in every layer of the company is key to our future success.

Our contribution to the preservation of our natural resources and our planet – today and for future generations!
Climate change is one of society’s greatest challenges. It is also one of the greatest risks to the future of our business world. Solving it requires all of us to act with great urgency. Summers are getting drier, winters warmer. It is all the more important now that we all pull ourselves together and do our part to preserve the planet for future generations. As a multinational and a multi-niche company, we strive for an even stronger future – a future that goes beyond what we do an a daily basis. We recognize that with everything we do, we are making a difference in today’s world, thereby creating a better future for people and our planet!

Our path there
The fact that we can and want to make our sites and our production more climate-friendly is one of our first steps. At regular intervals, we have our production and office sites in Germany reviewed to determine how our CO2 emissions have changed and whether measures have been successful. Among other things, we have already made investments in buildings and products to better protect the local climate and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Here in Germany we are already setting a good example. In addition, we are of course also pursuing these approaches at our sites worldwide.

One thing is clear: The preservation of our planet and the conservation of our natural resources is a matter of the highest priority for us.

Fokus Zukunft, Signet

To find out more about our growth and corporate history, please visit us at Aqseptence Group and feel free to contact us to get more information.


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About Us “Who we are”


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