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Header Laterals

Johnson Screens' Header Lateral systems provide uniform, effective distribution and collection.

Unique Selling Point

  • Assemblies are typically made from 304 stainless steel, but other grades of stainless steel or exotic alloys can be used
  • Laterals can be any diameter from 0.5 in. and greater
  • Laterals can attach to headers or hubs by many design methods, including threaded fittings, couplings or flanges
  • Lateral spacing, length, diameter and slot opening size are based on individual system requirements
  • Perforated pipe liners can be used inside screen laterals for increased collapse resistance and enhanced flow distribution
  • Slots are as small as 0.002 in. and up to 0.001 in. increments
  • Quality documentation are available, including mill certificates, welding procedure specifications and various other reports and certifications
  • Treatment before and after fabrication is available, including passivation, pickling, stress relieving, polishing and chrome plating
Custom solutions are available upon request.    


Header lateral systems consist of a series of screens laterals to either a central header or hub, allow designers to provide uniform flow through treatment media (ion exchange, sand, catalysts) at a wide range of flow rates and for a variety of vessel sizes and shapes. 

A typical vessel would utilize a header lateral assembly at the top to distribute inflow evenly across the bed surface. A second assembly, located near the vessel bottom, could collect the treated flow and pass it either through the vessel sidewall or by attaching the laterals to a central manifold out the vessel bottom. For a counter-current flow, a similar distribution and collection system can be designed.

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