In power plants, water is used for both vapour production and for cooling purposes (in nuclear plants, coal-fired, gas-fired). Vapour is produced by heating river or seawater. However, before water can be used for this process, it needs to be cleared from pollutants and suspended solids.


In the case of cooling, in order to prevent damage to pumps and condenser tubes, the sea or river water required has to be cleared of debris, eg, sea weed, jelly fish, plastic, sand, etc. This is where our bar and mesh screening machines come into their best application.
The most important Aqseptence Group brands in the Power sector are Geiger® and Diemme® Filtration.

Geiger's main applications in Power

The Division Water Intake Systems with its brand Geiger® have been providing mesh and bar screening machines for the screening of cooling water in power plants for five decades.
Our highly robust and customized screening machines stand for longest lifetimes for greenfield and brownfield (retrofit) applications.
Low OPEX, lesser total CAPEX, construction time and space savings are the key advantages of our unique screening solutions. The aim is to protect pumps and condenser tubes from the carry-over of debris. More than 2,000 highly sensitive plants world-wide are equipped with Geiger® and Passavant® machines. Our in-house produced cathodic corrosion protection systems (impressed current type) stand for the best corrosion resistance in seawater.
From an environmental point of view, cooling water intake structures can cause damage by drawing large numbers of fish or their eggs into a power plant's cooling system.
To protect flora and fauna and meet environmental requirements, Geiger® modified travelling water screens (with fish collection buckets, fish handling and return systems) are amongst the best available technology (BAT) for impingement reduction.

Diemme Filtration's main applications in Power

Sludge produced by the water intake treatment plant has to be dewatered. For this purpose, the fully-automatic filter press is mainly used. Additionally, in thermal power plants using gas, oil or coal, fumes need to be treated as they contain harmful sulphur dioxide and trioxide (generated by burning sulphur). 
In these cases, the fumes are desulphurized through wet exhaustion with lime and limestone, heavy metals and ashes contained in fumes, letting the sulphur oxides precipitate to calcium sulphate.
Also, in this scenario, sludge is dewatered using highly-automated, membrane Diemme® Filtration filter presses. Additionally, wastewater produced by the power plant comes from different areas and flows into a physicochemical treatment plant. At the end of this treatment, sludge also has to be dewatered using a filter press.

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