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Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment’s product portfolio covers a range of water and waste water treatment processes, with a focus on headworks, mechanical treatment and biological solutions deployed in municipal and industrial water applications. With our brands Passavant® and Noggerath® we are able to satisfy all customers in this sector.


Over 70% of our planet is covered with water. This apparent wealth takes on a new meaning when we consider that only approximately 3% is fresh water. From the very beginning of human development, this water has meant life to us – both to drink and to water our fields and animals.

As technology advances, we create ever new forms of process water and wastewater. Thus a responsible approach to the handling of this precious element is now, more than ever, the key to progress in our world.

Explore our key brands Passavant® and Noggerath® to get more information.

Broad Portfolio & Innovative Solutions

Our broad portfolio of innovative solutions enables us to support the entire clarification and further processing procedure:

  • Inlet works / headworks - Various elements of inlet works / headworks for solids / liquid separation, water intake, conveyance and steering of water flows by means of shut-off devices
  • Biological treatment - Biological processing of the wastewater and separation of soluble organic substances; system solutions to improve process efficiency
  • Sludge treatment - Sludge processing as a basis for economic disposal methods and extraction of raw materials
  • Fine and micro-sieving / screening - Separation of extremely fine particles as the final stage of the treatment process by means of advanced rotary drum, micro and underdrain screening systems
  • Pump technologies
  • After-market and field services

In addition, we provide full-service for our installations worldwide - consultancy, engineering, repair, maintenance, spare parts, training, assembly and commissioning!

Our water treatment technologies include:

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