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Vacuum Technology Systems

Vacuum Technology Systems are proven technologies for collecting wastewater and innovative solutions for state-of-the-art supply and disposal systems. We offer integrated wastewater solutions with three core product areas: vacuum based collections systems (collection pits, valves, controller, toilets), supply and disposal systems and services for waste water treatment plants .


Our systems and applications offer a wide range of solutions for your specific wastewater problems:

  • Vacuum Sewer Systems: Sewers - Sewer Rehabilitation - Septic Tank Replacement - Marinas
  • Vacuum Sanitation: Buildings - Hospitals - Industrial Applications - Mobile Sanitary Units - Ships
  • Supply and disposal systems: Airports - Railway Depots
  • Services for waste water treatment plants: Digestion - Sewage gas - Waste Disposal Sites

We use vacuum technology for the collection of wastewater in sewers, sanitation systems or industrial supply and disposal systems. In addition, we offer solutions for marinas, buildings and ships as well as for airports, railway depots and hospitals. We help you change your wastewater management from disposal towards reuse by innovative system solutions which allow you to efficiently use and recovery resources such as water, energy and nutrients.

We offer:

  • Planning - Delivery - Commissioning - Service
  • Vacuum Sewerage - Vacuum Sanitation - Supply and disposal systems
  • Services for waste water treatment plants

What sets us apart:
The unique mix of engineering expertise, creative plant and station construction and best-in-class services. As the market leader for many decades, we work for city planners, municipalities, architects, sewage disposal companies, construction companies, operators of wastewater treatment plants, consulting engineers, project developers and many more.

Our customers appreciate our innovative strength and our experience to achieve flexible and sustainable vacuum technology systems. No matter if you consider a vacuum sewer system for: sewer rehabilitation, replacement of septic tanks, the enlargement of a community, if you need sanitation technology for ships or buildings or if you require maintenance of gas flares for wastewater reuse – we are your professional and reliable partner. Benefit from our long-standing experience, quality and reliability of systems all around the world.

See Airvac® for: USA, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines

See Roediger® for: Europe, Asia, India, Africa

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