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Passavant Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-S

The Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-S is a complete redesign of a machine type which has been successfully tried and tested in the process technology of wastewater treatment plants. The application of state-of-the-art laser cutting and 3D folding technology is the key to its production optimised lightweight construction.

Unique Selling Point

  • Gap widths possible up to min. 3 mm
  • Low maintenance, low wear and tear due to:
    – maintenance-free stainless steel roller chain
    – no bearing below the waterline
    – cleaning without brush
  • Curved bars on the channel bottom:
    – installation without bed drop/invert recess
    – no dead spaces/deposits in front of the bar rack
  • Swivelling chain guide assembly:
    – blockage monitoring for the avoidance of damage
    – considerable cost reductions due to ease of maintenance and repair work


The cleaning of the barrack is carried out by revolving rake elements which are transported via a swivelling chain guide assembly by roller chains. The KUR-S has good hydraulic properties as a result of its frameless bar rack installation. The swivelling chain guide assembly ensures easy accessibility and efficient monitoring of blockages.

The Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR-S is suitable for coarse or fine screening and can be employed in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment.


Passavant Multi-Rake Bar Screen KUR

The Passavant® Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR is a high efficient revolving chain screen and suitable for both coarse and fine screening.


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