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Roediger Collection Chamber

One of the reliable components of our vacuum sewage systems is the Roediger collection chamber, which is equipped with a vacuum valve device.

Unique Selling Point

Additional advantages of the Roediger chamber system are:

  • Easily adaptable on site to suit the different levels of house service drains and vacuum   sewer pipes
  • No odors or deposits
  • No electrical power at the chamber needed
  • Manual shut-off valve and vacuum withdrawal plug for connecting a suction lance for maintenance and cleaning purposes
  • Optimized sump form for ensuring a flexible air-water ratio


The water-tight chamber is manufactured in MDPE with three different designs available for the following loading conditions: pedestrian-load and flood-proof traffic load up to 40 t and flood-proof. In all designs the vacuum valve unit is kept separate from the wastewater sump. The Roediger vacuum valve unit thus stays clean, dry and easily accessible from above.

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