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Geiger MultiDisc with Fish Return System/Fish Retraction

There is the possibility of upgrading our Geiger MultiDisc® Screens with fish buckets/fish return systems. Such Geiger MultiDisc® Screens are widely used and approved as Best Available Technology (BAT) according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Rule 316 b and can comply with the EU-Habitat guidelines for the protection of fish and eel to avoid and to minimize the impingement of fish.

Unique Selling Point

    • Gentle return of fish to the water source
    • Fish remain "in the water" within the fish bucket/trough with no risk of them drying out during transportation back to the water source
    • Low drop height of fish from bucket to return trough protecting fish from injury
    • Minimum impingement and entrainment
    • Low operating costs
    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Possible upgrade with fish buckets to an existing MultiDisc®
    • Low head loss
    • Compliant with 316b EPA and UK fish protection guidelines


Fish return systems include specially developed fish buckets mounted on each screen panel. The buckets transport fish, cyclostamata and other valuable species in front of the screen panels gently to a water-filled trough. The trough then leads to an area where the fish can be returned to the water source. 
The sophisticated Geiger MultiDisc® screens (a form of travelling band/traveling water screen) can be upgraded with special provisions for gentle fish recovery. Due to the rotation of the screening panels on a Geiger MultiDisc®, the fish buckets are emptied directly into the return trough, with a low drop height. Due to the special coating of our fish buckets and a special hydraulic form, fish are prevented from sticking to the metal as well as from jumping out of the buckets during the uplift. Fish return troughs and debris troughs can be independent or combined based on customers requirements. 
To summarize, the Geiger MultiDisc® is a compact open channel filtration system with a fish return feature that complies with 316b’s reduction in impingement of fish. This device has worldwide installations that have shown it to be a cost effective and simple channel device that has low operation costs. It is a low headloss screen since the water has to pass the screen only once and with no change of flow direction (less turbulences) which has no carry over risk unlike traditional travelling screen designs.


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