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Geiger Cathodic Corrosion Protection Systems / Active Corrosion Protection

The Geiger® Cathodic Corrosion Protection systems with impressed current technology (Geiger® ICCP) are long-term proven as most efficient and active method of protecting steel equipment from natural corrosion in corrosive media such as seawater and brackish water. 
Our Division Water Intake Systems has decades of experience in the field of protecting screening machines in aggressive seawater. Our solutions stand for highest reliability and longevity of your plant and machines even at higher temperature applications (for example Gulf region) and at high turbidity (TSS). 

Unique Selling Point

  • The Geiger® impressed current Cathodic Corrosion Protection System means that even in the case of fluctuating salinities the system will automatically adapt its protective current
  • Long term and reliable protection of screening equipment from corrosive media (e.g. sea water)
  • Specially developed anodes for “hidden” components like chains and guide ways
  • Central control system and display
  • Recognition of different materials to be protected 
  • Record of measured values for data analysis
  • Tendency to reduce MIC (microbial) corrosion risk
  • Hundreds of references typically 30 years + lifetime in highly corrosive seawaters based on the successful combination of our impressed current corrosion protection system and (316L/1.4404) stainless steel material, thus making Duplex/Superduplex sometimes obsolete


When designing mechanical equipment for seawater intakes, lifecycle cost effectiveness does not only depend on the right choice of machines. To ensure continuous reliable operation and value preservation, particularly when the equipment is installed in highly corrosive media, we highly recommend care and regular maintenance and additionally a special plant corrosion protection system. 
Geiger® Cathodic Corrosion Protection systems are the most efficient method of protecting steel/stainless steel and duplex steels (especially heat-affected areas) that are installed in seawater from galvanic corrosion. Furthermore microbial corrosion (MIC) tends to be significantly reduced in combination with our impressed current cathodic protection.
Seawater Intakes corrosion protection is firmly associated with the name of Geiger® since over 40 years as we have been developing Cathodic Corrosion Protection systems by impressed current (first choice, automated control) as well as we can provide sacrificial anodes (second choice).

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