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Airvac HP Controller

Airvac’s High Performance (HP) Controller has many advantages compared to other manufacturers' controllers including greater water tolerance and less freezing susceptibility. The HP Controller requires minimal maintenance, is inexpensive to rebuild and has a long life.

Unique Selling Point

  • Airvac’s HP Controller is superior to any other controller on the market
  • The HP Controller has a greater water tolerance and is less susceptible to freezing than other controllers resulting in fewer hung valves
  • All of the components of the HP Controller are corrosion resistant
  • Updates to Airvac controllers are designed so that the latest models are interchangeable with previous models
  • The HP Controller has a simple timing adjustment
  • The HP Controller requires minimal maintenance, is inexpensive to rebuild and has a long life


The Airvac valve pit was designed so that a very repeatable, specific amount of liquid is withdrawn on each cycle. This in turn helps control the Air to Liquid (A/L) ratio ensuring proper system operation. The HP Controller is the key component of the Airvac 3” vacuum valve that provides this function. The HP Controller is chemically resistant to sewer gases and is capable of operating when submerged in water.

The HP Controller relies on three forces for its operation: pressure, vacuum, and atmosphere. As the sewage level rises in the valve pit sump, it compresses air in the sensor tube. This pressure initiates the opening of the valve by overcoming spring tension in the controller and activates a three-way valve. Once opened, the three-way valve allows the controller to take vacuum from the downstream side of the valve and apply it to the actuator chamber to fully open the valve. After the preset time period has elapsed, atmospheric air is admitted to the actuator chamber permitting spring assisted closing of the valve.

The HP Controller is superior to all other controllers currently on the market having the following advantages:

Greater water tolerance/fewer hung valves: There are no dip tubes in HP Controller. Having large orifices instead drastically improves the tolerance for water which in turn reduces the odds of a hung valve.

Less susceptible to freezing: With fewer metal parts, the HP Controller is less susceptible to freezing in cold climates.

Easier timing adjustment: A simple timing adjustment wheel makes timing more accurate and is used instead of a needle valve that requires frequent adjustment.

Fewer parts/improved materials: In addition to having fewer parts than other controllers, the HP controller features higher quality materials which will result in a longer life expectancy.

Shortened rebuild time: Fewer parts and simpler testing procedures results in less time required to rebuild the controller.

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