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Airvac is the world leader in vacuum sewer technology.

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When it comes to innovation in the vacuum sewer market, Airvac is second to none. We have over twenty patented industry firsts. As early pioneers of vacuum sewer technology, Airvac’s focus is not only to improve our products but to advance vacuum technology worldwide.

Here are just a few of our patents throughout the years:

1979 â€“ 3in Valve with Condensation Trap
1979 â€“ Sawtooth Profile (Now an industry standard)
1985 â€“ Sump Vented Valve
1990 â€“ Electric Air Admission Controller
1995 â€“ Sump Breather
2015 â€“ HP Controller
2017 â€“ SMART Wireless Monitoring for vacuum sewer systems
2019 â€“ Pressure Activated Sump Breather (Pending)
2020 â€“ Vacuum Pump Modulation (Pending)

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