Water Treatment’s product portfolio covers a range of water and waste water treatment processes, with a focus on headworks, mechanical treatment and biological solutions deployed in municipal and industrial water applications.

In addition, we provide full-service for our installations worldwide - consultancy, engineering, repair, maintenance, spare parts, training, assembly and commissioning.

Industrial Screens provides products for solid/liquid- and solid-media screening primarily for food & beverage, pulp & paper, and architectural applications.
Architectural Screens designs and fabricates the stainless steel material into a wide array of custom architectural, landscape and interior applications. Our engineers collaborate with designers to provide unique, custom structures, features and products.

Specialized screens and equipment that are manufactured to meet the demanding specifications of original equipment manufacturers in various different markets and industries.

Oil & Gas offers products including vessel internals which are used in petrochemical and chemical industry and – to a smaller extent – well screens which are used in oil and gas upstream applications.

Our products and services come with decades of experience, solid engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices. They are the result of close collaboration between our design engineers and our customers.

Water Well offers stainless steel screens and casings including accessories and cleaning chemicals for municipal and industrial wells. For real estate, agricultural and environmental applications, Water Well’s offering also includes PVC-based products.

We do more than make the world's best water well screens; we provide you with the necessary design analysis and technical support to deliver efficient and productive water well.

Filtration & Thickening offers customized chamber filter presses used for the solid/liquid separation, mainly in the mining and process industry such as chemical or pharmaceutical.

We have the right size for every application, from manual, to semi-automatic, to totally unmanned machines. Each single component is designed to fit for the purpose: hardware, software, control logic, painting and instrumentation, national and international standards.

No matter the size of your application, we have a solution to meet your filtration needs.

Water Intake provides water intake systems (open channel and passive) for industrial and municipal applications with high water demands. Open channel intake systems are primarily employed in cooling intakes of power stations.

The design of our solutions allows for lowest operating and maintenance costs, while providing maximum performance, quality, exactness and particle-free water. We provide your project with professional and comprehensive support to minimize capital and operational costs and provide customized functionality.

Vacuum sewerage & Recovery is a systems provider for integrated water solutions with three core product areas: vacuum based collections systems (collection chambers, valves, controllers, vacuum stations, toilets), biological & anaerobic waste (water) processing, and plants for industrial applications.

Every vacuum system is custom-made to suit the customer’s specific needs. Our designers and engineers work closely with the customer to help solve any complex environmental issues, such as natural resource conservation and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Mining Screens offers a comprehensive range of Screen Media Solutions for vibratory, centrifugal and static applications, providing Cutting Edge Technology to the mineral processing industries, including coal, iron ore, gold, and copper. With our world-wide state of the art manufacturing facilities, Vee-Wire® technology and full control of all the critical manufacturing steps.

We have a proven team committed to providing technical engineering support developing safety systems, product design, field service operations, process flow, and operational improvements to optimise both plant and cost efficiency.