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In order to avoid polluting water of coastal areas, yacht basins and marinas must be equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the evacuation and transport of wastewater coming from the holding tanks on the yachts and boats located there.

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Our marina vacuum technology has been established for decades as one of the leading systems on the market.

For the hygienic disposal of wastewater, vacuum evacuation units are installed at the dock or mooring location.

Key Features include:

  • safe and simple evacuation and discharge of wastewater
  • flexible layout and easy extension
  • possible combination with vacuum collection systems

Main applications in Maritime

In the shipbuilding industry, vacuum technology has been well-established for decades as the most efficient and safest technology for the collection of wastewater. Our maritime applications set the standard in terms of sustainability, reliability and functionality.
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Main applications in Marina

For marinas alongside rivers, lakes or seas, we offer all-in-one solutions for the evacuation of wastewater from boats and ships. In addition, our vacuum sewer technology meets the highest environmental requirements for the removal of wastewater from marina locations.

Smaller and medium-sized ships are equipped with collection tanks that hold the toilet and wastewater. In many countries, new laws require the wastewater to be removed and treated at the marina before it is ultimately processed and the clean effluent then discharged into the ocean. For this purpose, our evacuation units are connected to a vacuum system via a pipeline network which is under vacuum.

The evacuation units are firmly installed on the dock or mooring location. A flexible suction hose makes it possible to reach several boats within an approx. 9 meter (30 foot) circle around the evacuation unit. Once the boat is docked, the hose is connected to the holding tank of the boat and the odor and spill free evacuation process begins.

Aqseptence also supplies products for the removal of bilge water. This oily wastewater is evacuated separately from the wastewater, then transferred to a local light fluid separator for oil and petrol and finally discharged back into the sewer system. Combining our marina technology with a vacuum sewer system is particularly attractive for the customer when several boat evacuation units are planned.

Additional cost savings and benefits can be attained when a vacuum sewer system is also connecting surrounding buildings in the marina (such as bars, restaurants, sanitary facilities and marina management).

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