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Roediger and Airvac vacuum collection systems are ideal for building, industrial and marine applications. We also offer supply and disposal systems for radioactively contaminated liquid waste from nuclear medicine in hospitals.

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Our customers rely on our innovative strength and our experience to achieve flexible and sustainable vacuum collection systems.

No matter if you consider a vacuum collection system for: building, industrial and marine applications – we are your professional and reliable partner!

Roediger® & Airvac® main applications in Buildings & Sanitations

  • Building Applications
    Roediger and Airvac building collection systems offer flexible collection and removal of wastewater and other liquid waste, ranging from only 6 vacuum toilets up to a wastewater collection system for an entire sports stadium that accommodates 70,000 spectators.
    Unlike a conventional gravity system, vacuum toilets can flush horizontally or upward as well as downward.  This flexibility allows installing pipe in suspended ceilings or below floors, and around stationary objects such as air ducts, bulkheads and other utilities.
    Thus maximum space utilization is achieved along with ease of adaptability for changes, and added features such as small diameter piping and low water consumption.
  • Industrial Applications
    Transporting contaminated liquid waste safely is a major consideration for wastewater disposal from kitchens, labs, hospitals and industrial plants. Here, due to vacuum technology, the kitchen/laboratory collection systems have proven to be the best choice for decades.
    For hospitals that offer radiation medicine and treatments, we offer complete systems for secure handling of radioactive effluents. Our system technology limits the risk of radioactivity in the water during use, discharge and treatment. Leak free vacuum technology and maintenance free components are key features.

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