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A brand of
Aqseptence Group

Passavant® is a well-recognized brand in the field of water and waste water treatment which provides a broad product and solution portfolio for municipal and industrial applications. Such as headworks systems, sludge treatment, filtration and related services.

Reliable Performance. Sustainable Results.

Краткий обзор

The Passavant brand has a long tradition in sewage technology.

The production of the first canal castings in the in-house foundry started an exciting chapter for Passavant. It continued to advance the development of sewage and drainage technology. Our focus is concentrated on the manufacture of reliable, innovative and high quality materials.

Many machines and process technology were already used for the first time in the 19th century by the Passavant Werke AG and revolutionized the sewage treatment. Passavant concentrate on the production of machines and technologies for the treatment of water and the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Since 1994, the company is certified by the quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001.

By visiting trade fairs and exhibitions, the contact with the customers becomes established, maintained and deepened. That is the reason why Passavant participated at the international trade fair for water, sewage, waste and recycling materials (IFAT) in Munich, since 1969.

Not only innovations and further developments of technologies, are the basis for our success. The expertise and commitment of every single employee in our organization also contributes to this.

Benefit from our years of experience and expertise with the brand Passavant in the field of water and waste water treatment for municipal and industrial applications, such as headworks systems, sludge treatment, filtration and related services.

These values as well as the development of sustainable solutions to protect the natural resource "water" are the embodiments of our company's entrepreneurial continuity.

Brand History

In 1884, Samuel Adolph Passavant took over Michelbacher Hütte  (Germany). In 1917, his son Dr. Wilhelm Passavant joined to the company and was responsible for the management of Michelbacher Hütte since then.

Udo Passavant took over the management of the company in 1952. In the early 80's Michelbacher Hütte was renamed into Passavant Werke AG & Co. KG  and finally became Passavant Werke AG  in 1986. The company was managed by the Passavant family for three generations. The product quality has always been at the forefront.

In the end of the 80's Passavant reached an important further milestone of its history. As a pioneer and its world-renowned know-how and expertise Passavant has become a part of the Bilfinger SE Group.

Since merging with Roediger-Anlagenbau GmbH  in 1999 Passavant Werke AG  was no longer a family-owned business and formed the company Passavant-Roediger Umwelttechnik GmbH. In 2005 Passavant was merged with Geiger  to form the company Passavant-Geiger GmbH.

Today Passavant is one of the main key brands of Aqseptence Group GmbH.

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