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The Geiger brand is a leading provider of water intake systems for power plants, desalination, irrigation, water plants and other industrial applications. Geiger was founded by Carl Geiger in Karlsruhe in 1891.

Reliable Performance. Sustainable Results.

Краткий обзор

Our Product Line Water Intake Systems under the umbrella of the Aqseptence Group continues to design and manufacture Geiger® screening machines and has become a world-famous mechanical engineering company with an increasingly international team.
We develop and produce water intake solutions including bar screening and trash raking machines, as well as mesh/travelling band screens, mainly made in Germany.
Our division supplies and design-builds made-to-measure automated screening machines for the filtration of debris at:
  • seawater/river water intakes for thermal power plants (nuclear-, gas- and coal-fired power plants)
  • desalination plants and industrial- and potable water systems
The aim is to protect pumps and subsequent process steps such as condenser tubes from the carry-over of debris. More than 2,000 highly sensitive plants worldwide (Greenfield and Brownfield) are equipped with our machines. Our cathodic protection systems (with impressed current ICCP) stand for longest lifetimes and corrosion resistance in seawater.
Benefit from our years of experience and expertise with the brand Geiger in the field of seawater/river water intakes for thermal power plants, desalination plants and industrial- and potable water systems.
These values as well as the development of sustainable solutions to protect the natural resource "water" are the embodiments of our company's entrepreneurial continuity.


Brand History

With the “Geiger’sche Fabrik” which was founded in 1891 by Carl Geiger Geiger pioneered the fields of waste water disposal and cleaning of cooling water with its own patented equipment.

In the year 1934 his grandson Dr. Hellmut Geiger founded the machine factory and continued the long tradition as a family business. For just a year the company was named Brackett-Geiger.

In 2005, Geiger  was merged with Passavant  to form the company Passavant-Geiger GmbH. Worldwide known for quality and reliability, in Summer 2016 we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Geiger together with colleagues, management and our families.

Today Geiger is one of the main key brands of Aqseptence Group GmbH.

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Aqseptence Group, Inc., Centerport, NY

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