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Airvac Products

Our product design philosophy is straightforward:

“Design high-performance products that are durable and can easily adapt to existing technology.”

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New product development and continuous improvement

As many of our clients have financial budget constraints (e.g. municipalities), our core new product development and continuous improvement strategy is based on adaptability, reliability, and affordability. Our customers have the option to either upgrade their vacuum systems to the newest products or improve their existing products by adapting the new and improved components.
  • We build our products to be durable, safe, effective, and easily maintained.
  • Every product works with existing systems, either out of the box or with a minor retrofit.
  • Existing products can be improved by adapting new components.
  • We stand behind and support every product we make. 

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Actual Customer Comment:

“Vacuum systems are just very reliable. If they are operated the way they are designed to be operated, they are essentially trouble free.”

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