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Our Global Product Line Filtration & Thickening Systems includes chamber and membrane filter presses for solid/liquid separation processes and thickeners designed under the Diemme® Filtration brand.

Краткий обзор

As a result of our commitment to research and development, we study and test innovative systems and solutions in the delicate process of solid-liquid separation, thus continuously widening and strengthening our unparalleled experience that started in 1923.

Diemme Filtration carries out research and development of new products, from chemical analysis to the filtration process, from concept design to the engineering of filter presses, thickeners and ancillary equipment.

Thanks to our designers, engineers and chemists, Diemme Filtration is able to supply, in every circumstance, complete solutions, assisting the customer from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the solution. This sets us apart from other filter press and thickeners manufacturers due to our ability to project, design and supply complete sludge dewatering plants.

We have the right size for every application and each single component is designed to fit for the customer's needs!

Research & Development

We have a cutting-edge laboratory where the testing, carried out by a team of chemists and engineers, aims to determine the filtration parameters for the tested products. This is done in order to perfect both the production process provided by the customer and the performance of the equipment provided.

A usual laboratory test includes analyses on:

  • characterisation of sludge or slurry
  • choice of conditioners and chemicals
  • filtration tests
  • characterisation of filtrate and cake

The laboratory also plays a key role in checking the quality of the filtering parts (filter cloths and plates) and choosing the polymeric materials, usually through a chemical compatibility test.

At the end of the filtration tests, if necessary, chemical stability tests are carried out on those materials which will come into contact with the product to be filtered, in order to guarantee the suitability of materials used in the filter press.

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