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Process Optimization

Passavant® Process Optimization offers controller system solutions for waste water treatment plants to improve energy and process efficiency of the biological treatment stage.


The efficiency of wastewater treatment plants is determined by optimal tuning of all prevailing conditions such as, for example, ammonia-values, concentrations of substances, the use of precipitants and the required energy input. We develop transparent and user-friendly systems to efficiently optimize and coordinate your specific treatment processes. Apart from the tailored oxygen input control for the aeration process, we supply a large number of additional modules (process water dosing, precipitant dosing, recirculation control, sludge age control, etc.) and also solutions for pond treatment plants. Our systems run with high operational reliability, have flexible measuring technology and achieve optimal process results with low energy consumption and reduced operating costs. Therefore, climate-damaging CO2 emissions can also be reduced. Hundreds of wastewater treatment plants are already profiting from our holistic approach to the optimization of their processes.

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