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MultiDisc Solutions

Efficient fine screening is essential to protect pumps, condenser tubes, heat exchangers and other critical equipment, and is the last cleaning stage in the water intake process.

Geiger MultiDisc® Traveling Water Screens belong to the family of automatic Filtration Machines/Travelling Band Screens (10mm to 200 µm mesh size). The Geiger MultiDisc® has already been installed in over 200 intake channels worldwide on new and existing (brownfield) installations to successfully replace dual-flow and through-flow band screens; thus protecting condenser tubes and membrane plants against carry-over of debris and providing a better heat-rate.


The installation as a plug-in is very time and cost saving, since the Geiger MultiDisc® is supplied in a self-supporting frame. Due to its heavy-duty-design, compact channels and less turbulences (only one single and straight passage of the water through the filtre), low-maintenance fine screening with an operational life time of 35 years and longer, utilities worldwide embrace this proven technology.

Over 200 installations worldwide during the last 14 years (approximately 40 of these are in nuclear power stations) are clear proof of the robust Geiger MultiDisc®’s success and effectiveness.
Zero carry-over of debris, one single passage of the water through the screen, and water jet cleaning (instead of brushes) optimize the cleaning efficiency, reduce pressure loss and minimize operation costs or downtimes.  Among other advantages this has made the MultiDisc® so popular and well-reputed for greenfield (new plants with shorter designed channels and highly redundant single pump bays) as well as brownfield (retrofitting/revamp/extension) projects.
The MultiDisc® Screen as a compact filtration machine is installed within the intake chamber across the direction of the water flow. A much smaller civil structure allows a saving in space, construction costs (less concrete, less scaffolding, no backwalls) and installation time. Significant savings on operational expenses (OPEX) thanks to a single centrally-guided chain and heavy duty design of the Geiger MultiDisc® complete the list of benefits.
The Geiger MultiDisc® screen base is composed of travelling sickle-shaped screen panels that are connected at their rear side to a revolving carrier chain running into a guide and driven by a sprocket wheel at the upper part. The screen panels are composed of perforated plastic plates or fine wire mesh. The sprocket wheel is coupled with a drive unit. A spray-water device is situated above the floor and is mounted behind the mesh panels, allowing a very intense cleaning of the upwards moving screen panels.

The screen panels linked to the chain are guided on each side forming a unit together with the support. Raw water flows directly through the mesh panels. The fine debris retained on the surface of the ascending mesh panels and on built-in debris carriers is transported above floor level and is efficiently removed by means of a spray-water device. Geiger® screens such as the MultiDisc® are particularly fish-friendly and pre-approved according to the EPA 316b Clean Water Act (CWA) as the best state-of-the art fish protection Screen.

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