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Water is a scarce natural resource, the quality of which should be protected and treated as such. The treatment standards continuously change and require the application of efficient and cost-effective technology for the application in drinking water plants.


Aqseptence Group offers a wide range of equipment and technology for the mechanical removal of contaminants and for sludge treatment in potable water treatment systems.

Aqseptence Group products include a variety of reliable and efficient water intake systems, screens, fine-screening, filtration and sludge treatment systems recognised for potable water treatment in terms of efficiency and cost-effective performance.

Our highly robust and customized screening machines stand for longer lifetimes and premium quality. Low OPEX, less total CAPEX, construction time and space savings are the key advantages of our unique screening solutions. The aim is to protect pumps and downstream processes from the carry-over of debris.

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Aqseptence Group GmbH, Karlsruhe

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Hardeckstrasse 3
76185 Karlsruhe

Tel: +49 721 5001 0

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Aqseptence Group GmbH, Aarbergen

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Passavant-Geiger-Strasse 1
65326 Aarbergen

Tel: +49 6120 280

Fax: +49 6120 28 2182

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