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Product Categories & Technologies

Discover the diversified product categories & technologies of Aqseptence Group!

Browse through our product categories & technologies below, which represent our broad portfolio of innovative solutions in the fields of filtration & separation and water technology. With our reliable products and machines, we support you to reduce your operational and investment costs. Your satisfaction is our aim and our constant challenge.

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Soluzioni per il trattamento delle acque

  • Energy and Process Efficiency

    The various – partly counter-directional – processes in wastewater treatment plants place heavy demands on automation. A comprehensive approach is, required to ensure efficiency in the implementation of optimization measures. This is the...

  • Fine Screening

    Aqseptence Group is also renowned for continuous development in the field of fine screening. We aim to ensure a reliable, defined and targeted separation of fine substances such as fibres and floating matter, in order to optimise...

  • Noggerath Rotary Drum Screen RSH

    All Noggerath® RSH drum screens are reliable, tested horizontal working screening systems with automatic cleaning device. The proven system reliably separates floating, greasy and sticky solids or impurities from a liquid phase for...

  • Biological Treatment

    The highly complex requirements of the biological treatment must be viewed as a whole, under varying environmental and framework conditions, assessed and then implemented. Aqseptence Group develops tailored concepts to satisfy your...

  • Primary and secondary clarification

    The aim of the primary and secondary clarification processes is to remove all floating and settleable solids, as far as possible, and to draw off clear water. Aqseptence Group develops robust, low wear scraper technologies for the...

  • Grit Treatment

    Aqseptence Group grit classifias and grit washers are utilised to reduce the water content, or respectively the organic content, in wastewater treatment processes and thus contribute to both cost effectiveness and the protection of the...

  • Screenings Handling

    Efficient, ecological and responsible: Aqseptence Group develops effective and economic solutions for the environmentally-friendly disposal of screenings from municipal and industrial applications, both with and without substrate wash-out.

  • Coarse Screens

    Aqseptence Group supplies the entire range screening systems. Bar screens with grab cleaner, climber screens and revolving chain screens have proved to be highly successful in coarse screening processes.

  • Shut-Off Devices

    Control and transport systems are a fundamental part of process-based wastewater treatment: products supplied by Aqseptence Group make a substantial contribution to the safeguarding of process reliability, from the regulation of water...

  • Micro-Screening

    Micro-screening is the last stage in the water intake procedure and plays a particularly important role as downstream installations such as pumps and capacitors must be reliably protected against breakdowns. Solids and / or contaminants...

  • Sludge Dewatering

    Dewatering is one of the most important processes in the entire water treatment procedure. As the burning of sewage sludge, or its disposal at a landfill site, both involve costs, sludge dewatering pays off, particularly when several...

  • Sludge Treatment

    Increasing demands on the quality of wastewater, growing concerns regarding the disposal methods used to date, and the need to retrieve raw materials from wastewater currently provide the framework for the planning of sustainable...

  • Headworks

    It is crucial for the subsequent purification and recycling processes, that solids are efficiently separated from industrial or municipal wastewater. Therefore, the Aqseptence Group provides products, which can be ideally adapted to suit...

  • Aeration Technology

    Aeration tanks and the respective aeration equipment are at the core of modern biological wastewater treatment plants. Modern wastewater technology calls for efficient aeration systems which ensure a high level of technical flexibility...


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