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Deep and Large Pumping Stations

Passavant state-of-the-art solutions for sewage and stormwater inlet screen shafts and pits as well as pumping stations using shut-off devices (penstocks, sluices and roller gates), control systems, mechanical pre-treatment and screening/raking machines


Passavant Deep and Large Pumping Station System consists of key factor equipment in the shut-off, control, pre-treatment and treatment of waste/stormwater of up to 100 m deep installations world-wide. Penstocks, stop logs and stop plates protects the screns and the entire pumping station from flooding.
We are using the very latest technologies - in design, dimensioning, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning or customer service - to ensure that our products, systems and solutions comply with, and exceed in many cases, the required standards (in Germany DIN 19569-4 and DIN 19704-1-3 and in US AWWA/C561-14).

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Aqseptence Group Carpi Srl, Limidi

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Via Pitagora 30
41010 Limidi Di Soliera, MO

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Aqseptence Group SAS, Availles-en-Chatellerault

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Zone Industrielle
86530 Availles-en-Châtellerault

Tel: +33 5 4902 1600

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Aqseptence Group GmbH, Aarbergen

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Passavant-Geiger-Strasse 1
65326 Aarbergen

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