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Biological Treatment/ Aeration Technologies

Passavant aeration technologies and equipment installed in aeration tanks which is the core of any biological wastewater treatment plant. Modern wastewater technology needs efficient aeration systems which ensure a high level of technical flexibility with maximum oxygen enrichment values


Biological treatment is aided by microorganisms which remove dissolved substances. Aeration systems are important as they create an oxygen rich environment and promote the mixing of the sludge and water.
Passavant offers a wide range of efficient aeration systems for oxygenation of activated sludge which are designed to meet various challenges. Submerged fine bubble aeration  and surface aeration are the most commonly used aeration systems. As a suppler of both systems, we are aware of the application limits and can design and use our products according to your specific requirements. Our technologies are characterized by their constantly high level of oxygen enrichment, durable construction and application flexiblity.

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