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We use vacuum technology for the collection of wastewater in sewers, sanitation systems or industrial supply and disposal systems. In addition, we offer solutions for marinas, buildings and ships as well as for airports, railway depots and hospitals.


Explore the multiple applications in our market sections:

Buildings & Sanitation for the collection and removal of wastewater and other liquid waste

    Marina & Ships for the evacuation and transport of wastewater coming from the holding tanks on the yachts and boats

    Sewerage for sewers, sewer rehabilitation, septic tank replacement, marinas

    Trains & Aircraft for supply and disposal systems

    Services for waste water treatment plants: digestion, sewage gas, waste disposal sites

    Benefit from our years of experience and expertise with the brand Roediger in the field for conveying wastewater and innovative solutions for modern supply and disposal systems.

    These values as well as the development of sustainable solutions to protect the natural resource "water" are the embodiment of our company's entrepreneurial continuity.

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    Localisations et contacts


    Aqseptence Group GmbH, Hanau, Allemagne

    Kinzigheimer Weg 104
    63450 Hanau

    Tel: +49 6181 309 275

    Fax: +49 6181 309 277


    Aqseptence Group GmbH, Tostedt, Allemagne

    Manufacturing Location
    Auf der Timmhorst 2
    21255 Tostedt

    Tel: +49 4182 28130

    Fax: +49 4182 5009


    Aqseptence Group GmbH

    Spółka z o.o. Oddział w Polsce
    Sales Location
    ul. Prudnicka 40
    47-300 Krapkowice

    Tel: +48 77 44674 74

    Fax: +48 77 44674 75

    Middle East

    Aqseptence Group FZCO, Dubai

    Sales Location
    East Side 5EA, 7th floor, 722
    P.O. Box 371082
    Dubai Airport Free Zone
    United Arab Emirates

    Tel: +971 42278456

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