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Filtro Prensa GHT-F

The Diemme® Filtration GHT-F Filter Press has been developed specifically for high filterability products, especially for mining concentrates and tailings filtration applications.


The GHT F is a Diemme® Filtration filter press specifically developed for large throughput, high filterability products, such as mining concentrates and tailings. The electrically-driven movement of the mobile header and the resulting accordion-style opening of the plate pack considerably reduces the cake discharge time and the entire opening-closing sequence of the filter. The result is a fast cycling filter press which allows increased production per unit area of the filter.
The overhead side-beam structure of the filter facilitates the installation of different performance-improving devices such as the cloth rinsing system and the plate-shaking device. Additionally, routine maintenance operations are made easier thanks to an integrated platform enabling access from above the machine. The filter plate pack is sealed closed by means of 4 hydraulic cylinders. This system provides the correct functioning of the machine and compensates for possible misalignments of the plate pack.

Design Features:
Double beam; Accordion-style plate pack opening and closing system; Automatic cloth washing device; Cloth rinsing system; Plate-shaking device; Load Cells; Multiple feeding system; Optimized fluid dynamics; PLC (HMI - Human Machine Interface); Integrated platform for maintenance operations.


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