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Fine Screening

Aqseptence Group is also renowned for continuous development in the field of fine screening. We aim to ensure a reliable, defined and targeted separation of fine substances such as fibres and floating matter, in order to optimise downstream processes and to protect the environment.


After bulky screenings have been separated in the coarse screening stage, fine contaminants such as hair, fibres, sanitary articles or paper still remain in the wastewater. The narrow gap widths of sieves are excellently suited for the removal of such substances and the safeguarding of subsequent treatment phases. 
For the protection of sensitive processes and energy optimization at the same time, it is recommended to connect the prozess for carbon extraction (Passavant CarbonExtract) upstream.
In order to guarantee a reliable and efficient screening process, Aqseptence Group offers a broad portfolio of sieves and screens which are tailored to your individual requirements.
Our machines can be optimally integrated into existing plants and lead to a significant stabilisation of the operational process. Operating companies benefit from a longer service life and a high level of availability due to low-maintenance and low-wear operation.
Passavant® Shut-Off Devices ensure efficient adjustment of water volumes and reliable protection of installations during overhauls.

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