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Screenings Handling

Efficient, ecological and responsible: Aqseptence Group develops effective and economic solutions for the environmentally-friendly disposal of screenings from municipal and industrial applications, both with and without substrate wash-out.


The waste from coarse and fine screening processes, which poses hygienic concerns, must undergo further processing before disposal, due to its organic content and the build-up of odours.
The soluble organic matter is washed out of the screenings by means of special washing systems. The screenings are subsequently dewatered in presses to decrease the water content and reduce the weight by up to 80 percentage.
Apart from clearly positive aspects with regard to the environment, this leads to a substantial reduction in disposal costs. Moreover, a return of recycled waste from industrial applications into the materials cycle is often viable.
Aqseptence Group offers you special washing and pressing systems for municipal and industrial applications, which are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Noggerath Screenings Spiral Compactor SCD

Noggerath Laudner Channel LC

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