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Biological Treatment

The highly complex requirements of the biological treatment must be viewed as a whole, under varying environmental and framework conditions, assessed and then implemented. Aqseptence Group develops tailored concepts to satisfy your specific needs, which ensure stable degradation processes and comply your demands regarding resource and cost efficiency.


After the inlet works / headworks, carbon and nitrogen compounds and phosphate remain dissolved in the wastewater and must be removed by means of biological processes. As these
substances act as natural fertilizers, their disposal without further treatment would mean an over-fertilisation of bodies of water and have far-reaching consequences for the ecosystem.
In order to remove these harmful substances, the wastewater undergoes a number of individual processes. The nitrification process requires an oxygen rich environment to enable carbon degradation and oxidation of ammonium to nitrate. In the subsequent denitrification phase, this nitrate is converted to nitrogen and thus removed from the water. The removal of phosphates is supported with an anaerobic environment in the Bio-P-Phase.
The wastewater / activated sludge mixture is enriched with the necessary oxygen by means of aeration systems. The water / sludge mixture, formed in the biological treatment, flows into the downstream secondary settling tank where sedimentation
After the sludge has been deposited, the clarified water flows into the receiving water course. Aqseptence Group has the benefit of many years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment and creates a wide range of concepts and technologies for the entire biological treatment of modern wastewater treatment processes:
from aeration technology in the aeration tank, to process engineering optimisation measures, to scraper technology for circular and longitudinal tanks.

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