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Hechingen WWTP

A drum screen - about 20 years old and in need of repair - at the Hechingen waste water treatment plant had to be replaced. The new machine should conform to the state of the art and take over fine screening behind the coarse screen as before.


The innovative new product development of Aqseptence Group GmbH, the Noggerath® rotary drum screen RSI, is subject to a longterm performance test with purchase option.
Städtische Werke Hechingen agreed upon checking the Noggerath® rotary drum screen RSI for a period of several weeks in the first instance and subsequently to decide on whether to buy the drum screen.


In the course of half a year the drum screen RSI mastered various rain and thunderstorm events and periods of drought to the complete satisfaction of the customer who consequently purchased the machine.

Key Features

Städtische Werke Hechingen
72379 Hechingen

Date of Purchase
July 2013

· Screen drum can be swiveled
· No screenings prone to clogging in the discharge area
· Higher DS content
· Less water consumption due to split spray bar

Technical Data

Maximum flow rate:                  400 l/s
Drum diameter:                         1400 mm
Channel width :                         1600 mm
Channel depth:                          1550 mm
Gap/wedgewire opening:         6 mm
DS content of screenings :       40 %
Angle of installation:                 35 °

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