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Ginsheim-Gustavsburg WWTP

The wastewater treatment plant Ginsheim-Gustavsburg treats the sewage of the city of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg as well as of the commune Bischofsheim. The system is constructed for a population equivalent (PE) of 32,500 and is currently charged with a PE of 29,500.


The biological treatment of the wastewater treatment plant Ginsheim- Gustavsburg was separated into two parallel connected basins with an effective volume of 1,500 m³ each as a denitrification/Bio-P step. One basin with an effective volume of 1,420 m³ as a nitrification step was connected to each denitrification basin. The third line of parallel basins was not connected.
Each denitrification/Bio-P basin was composed of three cascades (500 m³ each). Optionally the last cascade could be switched into aeration performance. The nitrification basins were permanently aerated with a setpoint for oxygen of 2.0 mg/l. Depending on the ammonium content it was even able to achieve values up to 5.0 mg/l.
Recirculation was achieved with two unregulated circulation pumps per basin. During the operation of the sludge press, the process water was dosed
continuously. The precipitant was dosed according to the phosphate concentration.


Due to the optimization of the wastewater treatment plant Ginsheim-Gustavsburg in 2009 and 2010, a major improvement of the treatment performance and energy efficiency has been achieved. The average total nitrogen content in the effluent with 8.9 mg/l in 2009 had been reduced by 40 % by 2011. The energy consumption of 1,600 kWh/d (2009) had been decreased to 1,100 kWh/d (2011). The optimization steps in 2012 achieved a COD reduction in the effluent of 20 %. Image: Total nitrogen concentration of the effluent from January 2009 until May 2013 As a result of the whole optimization, the content of total nitrogen in the effluent has
been reduced by 61 % and the total phosphor by 70 %. The energy consumption has decreased by 44 %. The optimization costs were able to be refunded by already paid wastewater charges.

Key Features

Efficiency improvement by intermittent  nitrification/denitrification

Zweckverband Abwasser- und Servicebetrieb Mainspitze

32,500 PE

Construction time
Since November 2009

Technical Data

effective volume: ca. 1.500 m³ and 1.420 m³

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