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Passavant® Deep Pumping Station Hangares, Mexico

The large amount of water occurring, especially in the rainy season, led to regular flooding of the Hangares metro station. To prevent this problem, the construction of the deep pumping station was planned and implemented. The deep pumping station Hangares is operated by SACMEX (Mexico City Water Authority) and is designed for 50,000 inhabitants. It is a bypass of Lumbrera 8. The pumping station is equipped with its own power generators. Aqseptence Group supported the new construction by supplying the rakes and shut-off devices required for the pumping station.


The rakes Passavant® COB -XXL and Passavant® penstocks offered by Aqseptence Group GmbH provide the optimal solution for the existing requirements under the toughest operating conditions in the deep pumping station of Hangares. The rakes and penstocks manage rain and thunderstorms as well as dry periods to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.


Passavant® COB-XXL
  • Large cleaning capacity due to large grab cleaner
  • Large and bulky objects can be removed without difficulty
  • Ideally suited as coarse screen for deep pumping stations
  • Gradual cleaning possible

Passavant® Penstock
  • Stable and sustainable construction
  • Due to the rising spindle, spindle and spindle nut are located outside the medium 
  • Replacable seals screwed into the frame
  • The supplied AC-Matic allows convenient remote control of the penstocks

Technical Data

Passavant® COB-XXL
Channel depth: 11.4 m
Channel width: 2.25 m
Gap width: 50 mm
Discharge height: 1600 mm
Installation angle: 90°
Material: 1.4301
Opening of the grab cleaner: 800 mm
Maximum flow rate: 18,000 m³/h per rake
Design: XXL

Passavant® Penstock
Opening dimensions W x H:         1900 x 1900 
Pressure (on- / off-seating):         1.0 / 1.0 bar
Spindle: rising spindle
Actuator: Electric actuator (SA 16.2) with control unit
                                                        (AC 01.2)

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