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Geiger Revolving Chain Screen - Sousse Power Plant in Tunisia, North Africa

Upgrade Water Intake Screening Solutions at the Sousse C + D Power Plant.

The Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen: heavy-duty equipment for the reliable and efficient  removal of large quantities of debris.


  • Low-quality of existing equipment from the original supplier
  • Poor pump station hydraulic design (too high flow velocity)
  • Large debris load coming from the inlet bay
  • Poor performance of the screens, not able to deal with the large amount of algae, seaweed and trash
  • Poor technical response from the original supplier
  • EPC still involved in the plant operation and in the overall project warranty

Reference Plant A

  • Geiger Screening Equipment has been working properly at the Sousse Power Plant A (since 1979)
  • During visit in Sousse our Service dept. was informed about the reliability issues at C + D intake screens
  • Owner requested support acknowledging quality difference between 40-year old working Geiger screens and competitor’s screens at plant C + D

Technical Data

4 x Geiger® Revolving Chain Screen with reduced bar spacing:
  • From 35mm to 12mm, with “tear-drop” bar profile to limit headloss
  • Curved bar rack foot section to recover screening area
  • More than 20 m³/h of trash removal capacity per screen
Bar Screen details:
  • Channel width: 3.60 m
  • Channel depth: 7.93 m
  • Flowrate: 25,600 m³/h


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