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Roediger Supply and Disposal Systems for Dortmund Airport

In 2001 a vehicle-free apron was designed for the new terminal building and apron that was built at Dortmund Airport.

The aircraft at 13 parking positions can be served through underfloor systems with  power, pre-conditioned air, potable water, blue water and sewage without the requirement of conventional service vehicles. Aqseptence Group supplied the wet services plants and equipment for five service tunnels.


The accessible underground service tunnels are equipped with various pop-up pits. The connection to the aircraft is done manually through special hose-reel systems.  
The required media are supplied through pipe networks that are installed inside the service tunnels from terminal building basement to the apron.

Blue water supply
The blue water is automatically prepared inside two batch-wise operated mixing tanks with automatic chemical dosing and mixing system.

Sewage extraction
The extraction of sewage from the aircraft waste tanks is done by compact-sized vacuum stations that are installed inside the service tunnels. The collected sewage is discharged through sewage pumps to the receiving manhole of the sewer system.
The exhaust air is purified using a 2-stage odour control unit consisting of biofilter and activated carbon filters.


Pop-up Pit system
The wet services are supplied and extracted without the use of services vehicles through underground pits concept.
The retractable pop-up pits are ergonomic and simple to use. When disconnected and retracted the units closes flush with the tarmac. The pit covers are aircraft load rated which allows a roll-over of 90 tons.

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