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Roediger Vacuum Sewer System Palm Island, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai installs the Roediger Vacuum Sewer System as ideal solution to their sewerage requirements.


The artificial island Palm Jumeirah, the first of three palm shaped islands in Dubai, adds approximately 78 km / 48.4 mi coastline to the Dubai coastline. More than 2,000 villas have been built on the crown of the Palm on 16 fronds. In 2002 Nakheel, the master developer of the project; was looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective sewage collection system for this project. High ground water table and sandy ground would have made the construction of a conventional gravity sewerage system costly and time-consuming. Many pump stations would have been required instead of the one single vacuum station.


After technical and economic comparisons of possible options, the client selected a Roediger Vacuum Sewer System. The system has now approximately 1,200 Roediger G- and Z-chambers, one central vacuum station (the biggest in the world) and a sewage network of approximately 40 km / 24.8 mi.

Key Features

Typically, two villa plots are connected to one Roediger collection chamber, installed inside the private plot area. Only one vacuum station serves the complete crown area of the Palm, with an overall population of 23,000 people, making it the largest single vacuum station in the world! The system has been in operation since the beginning of 2007.

Technical Data

Pipe Network: approx. 40 km
House Connections: approx. 1,200 Roediger Collection Chambers G- and Z-type including 2.5 in and 3 in vacuum valves

Capacity: 1 vacuum station for approx. 23,000 people
Vacuum Vessels: 4 pieces with a total capacity of 100 m3
Vacuum Pumps: 16 pcs rotary vane pumps with 240 kW total capacity
Discharge Pumps: 6 pumps with a total capacity of 111 KW

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