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Modern Vacuum Technology for Soneva Jani, Maldives

The Soneva Group embraces Roediger Vacuum Technology for their luxury resort destination in the Maldives. Inspired by a word that means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit, Soneva Jani encompasses a collection of Water Villas and Island Sanctuaries set within a lagoon of crystal clear waters, located in the Edufaaru lagoon in the Noonu Atoll – Maldives.


Looking for a reliable and bespoke solution for the problem of waste water transportation from both the Water Villas and Island Sanctuaries, the Soneva Group decided after careful analysis on Roediger vacuum technology.


The specifically designed Roediger chamber PE 50 is utilized for the collection of waste water from water villas, together with the well-known and reliable Z75 chamber for the Island sanctuaries.

Key Features

With a combined total of 28 pcs PE50 chambers and 21 pcs Z75’s this project, realized with the help of Re-Plan Pte. of Singapore is set to become the benchmark for cost effective sustainable waste water solutions throughout the Maldives Archipelago.

Technical Data

    1 Roediger Vacuum station:

    • 4 x vacuum pumps 5.5kW
    • 2 x discharge pumps 4.2 kW  
    • 1 x vacuum vessel 10 m³

    Chamber types:

    • 26 x Z 75 type Chambers   
    • 28 x PE 50 Water Villa Chambers c/w monitoring                                                                                         

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