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Roediger Vacuum Sanitation Astana Expo 2017

The Expo 2017 in Kasachstan is the Mega Event of this year. With expected 5,000,000 visitors, it will be one of the largest exhibitions worldwide. In fierce competition, Roediger won the contract to design and build the vacuum system for the parking areas, sanitation facilities and the VIP areas.


For this event, the famous architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill built a multifunctional exhibition center. Over a basement with a 300m radius, several buildings rise out of the ground, together with an eight-storey high globe in the middle. Astana is situated in an extreme climate region with frost down to – 40° C and summers with > 30° C, thus conventional wastewater drainage systems may often be severely damaged. Therefore the architects and engineers decided to choose a vacuum system for the evacuation of the wastewater in the basement.


One Roediger Vacuum Drainage System is specially designed for the reliable removal of sprinkler water in the parking area and contains a multitude of special floor drains and sump evacuation units. To ensure for good fire protection in this sensitive area, and to provide for long-lasting system tightness, we equipped the whole system with our new Saint-Gobain PAM-VAC pipes.

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