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Train Service Depot in Metallostroj, St. Petersburg

The „Sapsan“ (meaning peregrine falcon) high-speed trains delivered by Siemens AG to Russia are used on the 650 km long rail line between Russia‘s two largest cities, the capital, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, travelling at speeds of up to 250 km/h.

The technical installations for water supply and sewage disposal for the high-speed trains of Russian Railways have been supplied and installed by the Aqseptence Group. The implemented technologies meet the highest technical standards and are considered to be flagship technology for high-speed railway traffic in Russia.


The supply and disposal technology for the trains consists mainly of drinking water treatment units, utility cabinets for cleaning the interior of the trains, supply and disposal stations for the loading of drinking water, and equipment for the disposal of toilet wastewater.


The utility cabinets supply hot and cold water, as well as the cleaning agents required for the maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the trains. These cabinets are arranged on the work platforms in the depot hall in such a way that when the train stops, they are directly in front of the carriages.

Key Features

This allows the interior of the trains to be cleaned as quickly as possible without losing time in transporting the cabinets longer distances, or because of not having the correct tools to hand. The rinse water used for interior cleaning is automatically disposed of by the utility cabinets, using extraction units connected to a compact vacuum station.

Technical Data

Main Components of Roediger® Service Systems

Vacuum stations:

  • 2 skid-mounted vacuum stations, incl. odour treatment, control
    panels and piping systems

Supply and disposal:

  • 7 supply and disposal cabinets
  • 1 mobile suction truck

Interior cleaning:

  • 10 utility cabinets, together with hot & cold water and cleaning agents

Potable water:

  • 2 potable water treatment plants

Operation: Since 2009

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