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Railway Service Depot "Darnitza", Kiew

In 2012 Ukrainian Railways "Ukrzalisnytsia” built a new railway maintenance workshop with 4 tracks for light and medium maintenance of electric trains.


The Aqseptence Group supplied and installed the technical installations for water supply, sewage disposal and interior cleaning of the trains.


The technical installations for water supply and sewage disposal have been constructed as underfloor systems. The potable water- and sewage hose-reel systems have been installed in the basement of the depot and can be operated from the ground-floor level by the service staff. The sewage of the train toilets is transferred to the receiving public drainage network by two vacuum stations.

Key Features

The potable water for the trains is treated in a chlorination plant and supplied by a pressure boosting station. Three utility cabinets have been installed at each service track. These cabinets provide for hot and cold water, drainage sinks, power plugs, material storage, as well as the cleaning agents required for the maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the trains.

Technical Data

Main Components of Roediger® Service Systems

Vacuum stations:

  • 2 skid-mounted vacuum stations, incl. odour treatment, control
    panels and piping systems

Supply and disposal:

  • 45 supply and disposal cabinets
  • 5 mobile suction trucks (electric vehicles)

Interior cleaning:

  • 9 utility cabinets, together with hot & cold water and cleaning agents

Potable water:

  • 1 potable water chlorination plant

Operation: Since 2012

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