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Vacuum Sewer System at the Baltic Sea Resort Olpenitz

The development of the former German Marine Base includes beside the remediation of the area also the land reclamation of app. 1 km of headland into the sea. The investor intended to construct residential and marine leisure facilities with app. 4.000 beds and 2.000 berths, built in stages.


Different ground conditions (reclamation of land and new construction) as well as a very high ground water table, sandy soil and stage development had to be considered for the infrastructural construction.


Vacuum Sewer System, for this project the best value for money system, provides an optimum of advantages between easy and short construction time, necessary flexibility, operational reliability and ecological sustainability. An incomparably beautiful residential and leisure facility arises, nearly full surrounded with water, on the one hand by the access to the Baltic Sea and on the other hand bordered by the river mouth of the Schlei.

Key Features

The proper functioning of the vacuum sewer system is ensured in all construction stages due to the expandable vacuum station. The vacuum station is placed at the central access to the island world, but outside of the housing area.

A huge number of houses has direct access to their own jetty. The connection of these jetties to the vacuum sewer system and the evacuation of waste water from the boats is another important issue.

Technical Data

Collection Chambers: 22 pcs Roediger  type Z 75 3“ (End stage: app. 150 pcs type Z 75 3“)

Chamber Monitoring System: Cable connected Bussystem

Vacuum station:
Vacuum tank: 1 pc 18 m³, vertically buried
Vacuum pumps: 2 pcs 11 kW each (end stage: 2 pcs 11 kW each +
2 pcs 15 kW each)
Discharge pumps: 2 pcs 11 kW each

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